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Use webZunder to organise your everyday social media interactions


Manageable & Efficient

Use the webZunder Dashboard to professionally organise your social media presence: The lean social media management tool helps to minimise your effort – giving you more time for your operational business.

  • Manageable Dashboard
  • Simple processes
  • Customisable templates
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The most important social networks combined in one Dashboard:



LinkedIn (personal)




What our customers say:

Chris Kloss

Head of PR and Communications Team
MobileCamp e.V.

“The MobileCamp e.V. in Dresden organises one of the most popular BarCamps in Germany. The webZunder Team Edition simplifies the support of our social media channels and communication with our community greatly.”

Franziska Kurnot

Marketing and Communication Manager
voice INTER connect

“The webZunder team provided us with fast and professional support in setting up our social media presence. Competent coaching during the start-up phase simplified our introduction to the social media networks.”

Tilo Neumann

Managing Partner
Sachsen-Kälte GmbH

“Social media must be suitable for everyday use: We were able to quickly get started thanks to the professional support of the webZunder team. Our first successes? We were able to attract new specialists for Sachsen-Kälte.”

This is how webZunder can support you during your daily activities:

1. Management

One project per subsidiary, topic, brand, product or language: clear separation of various presences, assignment of team members to the projects

2. Communication

All communications in one place: your publications and interactions, enquiries and mentions from the social networks, separated into public/private

3. News

No more missing out on anything: interactions, publications from your networks and from the competition – also via RSS feed, all, easily shared

Das Bild zeigt das webZunder Social Media-Dashboard mit all seinen Funktionen. Dabei handelt es sich um die sechs Kernfunktionen, die auf der Unterseite FUNKTIONEN näher beschrieben werden.

4. Streaming

Clearly presented: real-time streaming compiled per selected project, with your publications sent directly from webZunder

5. Marketing

Creation and sharing of content: forms query the most important info, provide support during distribution; advanced scheduling and team work available

6. Reporting

Statistics for success: most important key figures clearly presented on home page; one month view to monitor trends available

Need additional support? 

webZunder Jumpstart:

we will set up your professional social media profiles

Use the easy-to-understand webZunder Jumpstart to quickly connect with your target group: Develop and maintain your professional presence on all important social networks.

  • Quick start
  • Professional social media profiles
  • Including Google Maps & Co.
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webZunder Training:

we support you on your way to social media success

Profit from insider knowledge with the webZunder Training: You will receive professional, customized support during your first campaigns – enabling you to successfully connect with your customers right from the start.

  • Support during your first steps
  • Answers to your questions
  • Including a social media strategy
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