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Manageable & Efficient

Use the webZunder Dashboard to professionally organise your social media presence: The lean social media management tool helps to minimise your effort – giving you more time for your operational business.

  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for teams
  • Editorial calendar

The most important social networks combined in one social media management tool:


Instagram (read only)




The most important social networks combined in one social media management tool:

  • Facebook Pages and Profiles

  • Instagram (read only)

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn Pages and Profiles

  • WordPress Blogs

This is how webZunder can support you during your daily activities:

1. Management

One project per subsidiary, topic, brand, product or language: clear separation of various presences, assignment of team members to the projects

2. Communication

All communications in one place: your publications and interactions, enquiries and mentions from the social networks, separated into public/private

3. News

Don’t miss a thing: Interactions, publications from own networks and from competitors – also via RSS feed; easy sharing of content

4. Streams

Clearly presented: real-time streaming compiled per selected project, with your publications sent directly from webZunder

5. Posts

Creation and sharing of content: forms query the most important info, provide support during distribution; advanced scheduling and team work available

6. Measuring progress

Statistics for success: most important key figures clearly presented on home page; one month view to monitor trends available

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