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Do Agencies Walk the Social Media Talk? A Social Media Research Reveals Key Insights.

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Social media is part of the daily activities for digital agencies. In fact, external agencies are responsible for 22% of social media activities. One would therefore think that agencies are most active online and in social media to show their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. But is that the case? Do [...]

Top 10 Trends for 2017 in Communications, Social Media and SMB

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Many experts share their feedback about what will be hot (or not) in the new year, or in other words, predictions for the business world. And we want to see what our network thinks about what trends will be important in 2017, mainly for the fields of communication, social media [...]

Twitter Beginner’s Guide for Entrepreneurs

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  The potential of Twitter is HUGE. Still, many companies do not benefit from the micro-blogging social media network – they just don’t see the use for it! Why do companies avoid Twitter? There’s no other network giving companies the possibility to get access to relevant information in a flash. This beginner’s guide will help [...]

How to Use Hashtags on the 10 Most Popular Social Media Networks

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Hashtags are the SEO keywords of social media. But not all social media networks support these tags. 97% of brands on Twitter use hashtags but did you know that the amount of hashtags you use affect the engagement and results of your messages? Get the key insights about hashtags and for each social media platform. [...]

Trending Topics for Businesses and Why You Should Use Them

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The “Trending Topics” on social media are a phenomenon that revolutionized the distribution of content and information. In the past, the information we received was from newspapers, the radio, the television or conversations with neighbors. Today, the same information is available through the many social media networks. As a company, it is your opportunity to [...]

How to Cross Promote On Social Media

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  Social media has become a staple of many people’s online diet. And with more than 30% of the world’s population active on social media, it brings MANY opportunities for businesses. But with more than 90 different networks, how do you share your stories on multiple platforms to get more visibility and reach more customers? [...]

webZunder For Start-ups – FREE The First Year!

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We understand that communication on social media happens when you have a free moment and it might not be your focus – you have so many other hats to wear and roles to fill! That is why we at twentyZen developed the social media management tool webZunder to help companies and entrepreneurs (like you!) make [...]