Manage your everyday social media with webZunder

Small and medium-sized companies in particular need a fast, effective tool for their daily activities on the social networks: Use the clear webZunder Dashboard to centrally manage your social media projects and directly access your WordPress Blog – including the practical webZunder templates to increase your reach, contact more customers and save time..

More about the features

All social media projects under one roof

Bundle several profiles into one project

Use the webZunder Dashboard to manage all of your social media profiles and projects: Organise and maintain your brands, products, events and different language versions – all with a single tool.

  • Central management of all profiles and projects
  • A quick overview of all activities

  • Optional team administration

One inbox for all communication

Keep track of all communication

Use the webZunder Dashboard to manage your entire social media communication in one place: The division into public and private messages as well as publications allows you to keep track and react quickly.

  • Clear representation of communication methods
  • One inbox, all social media engagements
  • React and answer directly

Keep track on your planned posts with the Social Media editorial calendar

Quick and easy organisation

The editorial calendar allows you to plan contributions of any kind on your social media channels in advance, such as a short status message, a picture, an interesting link, a blog entry or a picture gallery.

  • quick overview about planned posts

  • better coordination with your team

  • review of the past weeks

Easy social media publishing with templates

Focus on the content

Use the webZunder Dashboard for even easier posting of articles, status notifications and images – use the templates to format any content correctly and automatically distribute it in the selected channels.

  • Templates for the most important posting forms
  • Individual network selection
  • Advanced scheduling of posts

Network with business contacts

Strengthen your business relationships

Use the webZunder Dashboard to connect with your business partners or opinion leaders: Have your say and actively promote the transfer of knowledge – for long-term, good business relationships.

  • Follow several discussions with one tool
  • Simultaneously interact with numerous people
  • Communicate simply and clearly

Keep track by monitoring

Monitor topics and developments

Use the webZunder Dashboard to monitor individual keywords: This will always keep you up-to-date in your sector – allowing you to instantly share important information.

  • Integration of individual feeds
  • Clear presentation of posts
  • Always up-to-date with the most important topics

Closely observe your competition

Learn from the success and mistakes of others

The webZunder Dashboard will instantly inform you of any posts from your social media competitors: Learn from the success and mistakes of others – and set yourself apart from your competitors, selectively and unnoticed.

  • Easily learn from others
  • Monitoring of several competitors
  • React directly in webZunder

Transparent measures of success

Understanding what works

Use the webZunder Dashboard to efficiently and easily measure the impact of your social media publishing: These key figures allow you to strategically adjust your content – and increase their direct reach, performance and resonance in the social networks.

  • Figures provide direct feedback to your posts
  • Clearly presented evaluation
  • One-month view available

Work in a team

Simple and uncomplicated cooperation

Use webZunder for teamwork and social media governance: Your employees or those of your agency can post, comment and assess – making important cooperation with several people so much easier.

  • Teamwork in different projects

  • Integration of external people such as copywriters and translators
  • The settings of your project remain protected

Customised posts

Individualise each social media post

Use the webZunder Dashboard to adapt your posts for each social media network: Customisation increases your relevance and you can publish your posts to your profiles all at once.

  • Customise messages for each social media platform

  • Mention the right profiles

  • Increase the relevance of posts