It is our mission to help businesses start using social media marketing to achieve their results, be it drive new business, gain new employees or share their credibility. We would love to partner with you to bring your clients into the social media marketing world. Thanks to webZunder, your clients can save time to focus on what is important, easily get an overview of what is happening in the market and participate in the conversation.

What’s in it for you?

  • Expand your portfolio of services through our reseller and/or referral partner programs to get more leads
  • Be part of your customers’ lifecycle from the set-up to the development of successful social media campaigns and get more revenues per customer in the long run
  • Focus on developing the strategy for your clients and coaching them while we support you with our social media expertise, our content and technical know-how

We provide:

  • Social media management tool webZunder to help small- and medium-sized businesses easily communicate with customers and prospects through Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn and WordPress
  • Extended enterprise solutions for company networks such as franchise partners and distribution channels
  • Many competitive advantages including a white-label version based on a certain number of customers

We look forward to collaborating with partners in the following markets:

  • Creative and web agencies
  • PR and communication agencies
  • Marketing and sales experts with know-how in specific markets and industries
  • Resellers
  • Web designers and developers
  • WordPress hosting providers

Get more Information:

Some of Our Business Partners Include:

Insurance agency in Dresden, Germany helping young professionals when it comes to insurance and finance. They also help entrepreneurs get the right insurance coverage. With their experience and insights, the team at Progress Dresden shares its knowledge with other finance service providers incl. social media communication and communication best practices.


Online marketing consulting agency in Austria helping customers get set-up through various online channels such as website, social media and advertising as well as offline. Through a cross media approach, this agency focuses on the online success of its clients and gives them more time to focus on their core competencies.