You can use Instagram through webZunder to do the following:

  • See an overview of all your posts
  • Easily moderate and reply to the comments of your customers and prospects to start a conversation
  • Follow the profiles of business partners and influences in the news stream to get inspired
  • Also observe competitors without being noticed to learn from their successes and mistakes
  • Like and share the posts of your clients and partners to participate in the success of their campaigns


Connect Instagram to webZunder

Easily like and comment posts

Share a post with your comment

Add a new partner, competitor or topic

Your Questions:

How do I post a picture?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow social media management tools like webZunder to post images. You will have to do this directly through the app on your smartphone or tablet.

Can I mention someone?

You can mention a person, company or brand in your comment. But we do not propose users like when you prepare a message for Facebook and Twitter. In other words, you need to know the handle of the person.

Note that the mention will be displayed as a link in the Instagram app but through webZunder, it will be shown as simple text.

Will I be notified if someone mentions me on a post?

You will be notified in the app of your phone, if you are mentioned on Instagram. But this information is not available through webZunder or any other social media management tool for that matter.

How do I follow someone?

You can follow someone new through the Partners, Competitors and Topics news stream of webZunder. You will see what content they share but not be an official follower.

Why can’t I see the content from the account of person/company X?

Because the profile is not public. You can only see the content from public profiles – be it of people or companies.

If you follow a private account on Instagram, then you will be able to see the posted content since you are an approved follower

What happens when an account goes from public to private?

If you are an official follower (through the Instagram app) before the change, you will still see the content. If you are following the account only through webZunder, then you will no longer see the content.

Why can’t I add another Instagram account?

At the moment, you can only have one Instagram account for each project. So in other words, you can only use one.