Teamwork is needed to best manage the everyday social media marketing activities. And that, even in small businesses! That is why we added roles and responsibilities into webZunder, which helps you to improve your processes together with internal and external collaborators.

Here is how each member of our team (and extension thereof!) uses our social media dashboard webZunder!

Dirk is the Owner.

As the Owner of the account, he sets up the various webZunder presences:

  • “twentyZen” for the company
  • “webZunder DE” for the German blog and social media presence
  • “webZunder EN” for the English blog and social media presence.

He invites his team and assigns each member to the various presences. He first gives Sofie the role of Administrator for “webZunder EN”. He keeps the role of Administrator for “webZunder DE” and gives Sofie the role of Editor and Natalie the role of Moderator.

Dirk also receives the invoice for webZunder and can eventually add more members to the account as his business and his team grow.


Sofie is the Administrator for webZunder International

As an Administrator, Sofie takes care of the set-up of the webZunder presence such as:

  • Connects the right social media accounts to the presence
  • Adds the best hashtags
  • Includes business partners, competitors and themes.

She gets support in the creation of content. This means that she assigns roles to other colleagues and contributors who can draft and publish content, reply to comments and read the latest news through the monitoring features.


Sofie as Editor for “webZunder DE”

As an Editor, she organizes the German presence through:

  • Updates to the image and name of the presence
  • Addition of the right hashtags
  • Inclusion of business partners, competitors and themes.

She can also write articles, share messages, answer comments and read the latest news about the German market through the monitoring tabs.

Since her colleague writes extremely well in German and brings great content ideas to the table, Sofie plans to change Natalie’s role from Moderator to Author. Natalie also provided world-class customer service to customers, moderated the conversation through various social media networks and took on new responsibilities. She is ready to take a bigger role in the team! Sofie needs to first speak with Dirk about this new role, as only he, as Owner and Administrator, can update Natalie’s role in the “webZunder DE” presence.


Natalie as the Author of “webZunder DE”

Up until now, Natalie moderated this presence, which means that she could write and save articles, answer questions and comments through Facebook and Twitter, like messages and read the latest updates through the monitoring of business partners, competitors and themes.

Now as an Author, she will also be able to publish her articles after she approved the content with Dirk and Sofie. And if there are any changes (or even a deletion) needed after the article was shared online, Natalie easily makes the updates. With Natalie’s help, the German presence will get many more stories and thus stay relevant!


Franziska as a Contributor to various presences

Sometimes, the workload doesn’t allow the team to write content as research or attendance at events is needed. That is why Franziska supports the team with the writing of articles. As a Contributor, she drafts the content and saves it in webZunder, but cannot publish.

To share the content, someone who has the rights to publish needs to press the “send” button, which could be the Owner and Administrator (Dirk), the Editor (Sofie) or the Author (Natalie). The team already has process – they all read the content and discuss the changes together. Natalie then makes the updates and publishes the content through the easy-to-use social media dashboard.


Stefan and Georg as Subscribers of the presences

Our software development gurus Stefan and Georg spend most of their time further developing webZunder by adding new functions and connecting new social media platforms. They stay up-to-date through the News section of webZunder, i.e. they monitor what is happening with the partners, competitors and various themes.


Roles and responsibilities is a feature now available in the Team Edition. Upgrade your subscription or try the free trial of webZunder for 14 days!


Here is a quick overview of the responsibilities for each role: