What we did before

Long before webZunder, Stefan and I dreamed about starting our own company. Stefan still studied and ran his own small software development business. I worked at IBM as consultant. My department worked like an internal startup. I set up innovative projects for large corporations. Only they could afford the effort needed to adapt emerging technologies.

Stefan experienced the limits for individual software development at small companies. Those were different customers and experiences. Often we spend late hours discussing about it in the kitchen of my shared apartment.

Our conclusion: We will develop solutions that innovate how small and medium-sized companies do businesses.

Fine! We now had a general direction.

Local experiences and global trends led to webZunder

The concrete idea resulted from daily observations in the local neighbourhood. While online commerce exploded, more often local shops went out of business. Online businesses simply understood better, how customer buying behaviour changed.

Offline businesses still ignored the Internet. We often spoke with local business owners. Some felt offended by the Internet. Others were indifferent. We love talking to people who want to give it a try. They know that Internet is not evil but an interesting extra local communication and marketing channel. For them we wanted to build tools that guide online demand into offline businesses.

TechCrunch named that business “online2offline” and estimated it to become “a trillion dollar opportunity”(original article). Thus we named our project “on2off”. Meanwhile “local commerce” is a much better description for the overall topic. Because “local commerce” doesn’t exclude “online marketing”. Local businesses will need to combine offline and online smartly to become successful.

The final name “webZunder” results from a long brainstorming session with friends. It’s no surprise, that most other Internet related names were not available any more.

webZunder logo

Welcome to webZunder!

Integrating Social Media into a typical business day

With webZunder we simplify the way how business owners integrate Social Media into their day. Most Social Media Tools are expert solutions. webZunder is the alternative for everyone else. To achieve that, we always compare new features with real-life communication.

Some examples:

  • Instead of clustering the Inbox by channel, we only divide communication by its nature. It makes a big difference for the response, whether a customer comment is private or public.
  • webZunder helps you with publishing. You choose from a set of templates and fill in all necessary information. webZunder will then format the message and spread it across your Social Media channels.
  • webZunder aims at getting the job done. You won’t need to handle several specialised tools in parallel. Our solution should be good for your daily tasks.

webZunder is the best solution for many small businesses, if you ask us. Do you know why? We understand small business because we are a small business too. We work with customers and partners to improve webZunder even more.

We would love to support you too!