When I briefly introduce webZunder to people, they often try to compare it with HootSuite. Thats honorable, as HootSuite is one of the leaders in the social media management software space. The Canadian software company is well known player in our industry.

We think, that HootSuite is a good choice for online communication experts, working most of their time in front of a computer. With Hootsuite they have full control of all the bells and whistles.

Our goal is “Making Social Media Marketing easier for everyone”.

Since quite some time we are working with business people, that have limited online marketing knowledge. They often feel overwhelmed with all the available options. Often they only have a fraction of time available for marketing. Did you know, that in small businesses two out of three business owners usually do the marketing besides on their own? Besides all their other duties?

We are convinced, that “less is more”. We focus on simplicity. Smart software should take smart decisions. Using webZunder as a Social Media Dashboard compares a lot with real life communication. Especially small businesses owners look for solutions to effectively manage their multiple online channels. But recently also managers of larger companies told us, that they start to watch out for simpler alternatives. They are tired of complex enterprise solutions.

When we designed webZunder, we envisioned some kind of “virtual Social Media Manager”. We analyse the steps a Social Media Expert would typically do in a certain situation and decide, if they could / should be automated or not.

Social Media Management Tool webZunder

Social Media Management Tool webZunder

While working with business owners, we identified typical situations, when small business owners would communicate with their existing customers or reach out for new prospects. That’s why posting via webZunder is process driven. We provide several “communication templates”. Each serves a certain purpose. The template will provide an individual form to collect the required data and has a defined workflow for formatting and sharing the content. We started with simple templates, but support for more advanced processes will follow. We will continuously develop additional templates. For individual projects of a certain size, we will also be able to develop individual workflows.

webZunder collects inquiries, comments and responses from all supported channels. Our Social Media Dashboard will group them by their nature (not by their source): Are they public or private? That’s more important and interesting compared to if they originate from Facebook or Twitter. The nature of communication largely influences the content and phrasing of the answer.

That are just two examples, how we are different. Sounds interesting? Give webZunder a try and find out, if webZunder supports you and fits your working style. If you want to know more and stay informed, we would like to welcome you on our Facebook page for webzunder.com or as follower of our Twitter account @wbzndr.