We understand that communication on social media happens when you have a free moment and it might not be your focus – you have so many other hats to wear and roles to fill! That is why we at twentyZen developed the social media management tool webZunder to help companies and entrepreneurs (like you!) make their everyday social media marketing easier. Our tool saves you time and provides an efficient use of social media – without having to be a social media expert!

For Start-ups from a Start-up

Start-ups have a limited budget, especially at the beginning of their journey… We experienced it first hand too! Now that we grew up since our launch in 2012, we aim to help other start-ups on their journey towards success. And that is why we offer you our beloved social media management tool webZunder FREE for the first year. No hidden costs. And you have access to all functions too!

Features of webZunder

What is included in this tool? Here is a short overview:

Social media platforms

  • Connect to social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Xing
  • Integrate with your website (WordPress blog)

Publications and marketing


Our Starter Edition

Once again, here is a short overview of the Starter Edition:

Overview of what Start-ups get for free for one year thanks to webZunder, one user, one presence, all features.

Special offer for start-ups: one user creates one presence and accesses all features of the Starter Edition of webZunder for FREE for one whole year!


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