Man with phone, looking for insights and tips, how to use hashtags on the 10 most popular social media networks.

Hashtags are the SEO keywords of social media. But not all social media networks support these tags. 97% of brands on Twitter use hashtags but did you know that the amount of hashtags you use affect the engagement and results of your messages? Get the key insights about hashtags and for each social media platform.

Hashtags for which Social Media Networks

Did you know that not all social media networks use hashtags? Most social media platforms use keywords and tags to filter searches, but just specific ones use the popular #(insert a word or expression).

As our focus is on small and medium businesses, we believe that there are few social media platforms that you should definitely be part of as a company but also as an individual. Based on the Small Business Trends blog article “20 Popular Social Media Sites Right Now”, we narrowed down the list further to focus on the 10 most important social sites from our point of view. There are two things we need to look at:

Which platform supports and filters searches using hashtags:



How often users are including hashtags in their messages:


How Many Hashtags to Include

Now that we determined where to use hashtags, how many should you use?


Source: content from Buddy Media, now Salesforce; visual taken from

Buddy Media, now a part of Salesforce, did a research about hashtags used in Twitter and the numbers are impressive!

For Twitter, it is best to use two hashtags. But what about the other social media platforms that filter content using hashtags? What are the best practices?







YouTube (new!)

Popular Hashtags

On Twitter and Facebook, popular hashtags can become trending topics if mentioned often by users and discussed on the platforms. They also vary from one region to the other and are based on users’ preferences.

That being said, there are hashtags based on the day of the week and encourages the sharing of content. For example:

  • #MondayMotivation
  • #TuesdayThoughts or #TravelTuesday
  • #WednesdayWisdom
  • #ThursdayThoughts or #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT for short)
  • #FollowFriday (#FF for short)
  • Find more great hashtags here.

There are many tools out there to find the best hashtags. You can search for relevant tags on Google+ or Twitter but some sites specialize to help you find the best hashtags. For example, when you search for #SocialMedia, these tools give you other options such as #SMM, #Marketing, #socialmediamarketing or #socialmediatips. Some of the more popular tools include Hashtagify, Instagram Tags, RiteTag, Tagboard, Trendsmap, and many more!

Finding the perfect hashtags to include in your message might be complex – but the social management tool webZunder makes the process easier to manage once you found the hashtags you want to use. View this video to see how easy it is to manage your hashtags through webZunder or