The “Trending Topics” on social media are a phenomenon that revolutionized the distribution of content and information. In the past, the information we received was from newspapers, the radio, the television or conversations with neighbors. Today, the same information is available through the many social media networks.

As a company, it is your opportunity to provide your point of view and get noticed. Social media increases your reach and provides the opportunity to easily contact potential clients.

What are Trending Topics?

Trending Topics were first used in the micro-blogging social network Twitter. These “Twitter trends” are topics that are most mentioned by users and discussed on this platform. They are calculated based on an algorithm using Twitter data and the behavior of users. The trending topics adapt to the location and the preferences of users. Plus, global or local events can get visibility thanks to these trending topics.

For a subject to become a trending topic, users need to frequently mention the subject in a short period of time. The key is the #hashtag associated to the subject. For example, if WhatsApp publishes a new update with exciting features, the subject #WhatsApp will be featured as a trending topic since many people will share the news. There are so many popular hashtags like #Breakfastofchamps or #WednesdayWisdom that become trending topics at various points of the day or the week. And when you select such a theme, all tweets with the specific hashtag will be shown in your search.

Facebook also uses Trending Topics. Similar to Twitter, popular topics and hashtags are adapted based on the preferences of users. The trending topics also take into consideration the pages users like, their location and the topics that are being discussed.

Based on a selection of trending topics, you can now click on a popular subject and see the messages being shared publicly with this topic. Even Facebook works with hashtags to help users organize their content. These trending topics or popular subjects being discussed give you the opportunity to get visibility and reach when participating in the conversation on social media networks.

What Trending Topics are Best Suited to Your Company?

To avoid posts, tweets and comments that do not fit with your company or are not interesting to you, make sure you choose relevant trending topics. Search for topics that fit your product or service as well as your company’s philosophy. Before participating in the conversation through posts, tweets or shared links, think about how your contribution will bring value to the discussion.

For example, easily find the dmexco event on Twitter through the hashtag #dmexco. As the event approaches, more content related to dmexco will be featured on social media. This event offers innovative and technology-related companies the possibility to publish their messages related to dmexco. Other international events like the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil use hashtags (on social media) to attract interest among consumers. Companies can also participate in the conversation by using popular hashtags. (Note that the use of Olympic-related hashtags are restricted for companies! It is always important to check the terms of use of hashtags for popular events BEFORE posting to avoid undesirable results.)

And to go off the beaten path can be fruitful. The marketing team of Oreo reacted at ‘the speed of light’ during the Super Bowl blackout in 2013. They tweeted an image about their product, which was well-received by the Twitter community. The image represents a cookie illuminated in the dark with the slogan: “You can still dunk in the dark”. A great way to participate in the conversation and allude that you still dip your baked goods even if there is no light.


Oreo participated in the conversation the evening of the Super Bowl in 2013.

The website Salesforce Marketig Cloud (previously shared a graphic to show the increase of social media mentions of Oreo during the evening of the Super Bowl.


Source: “Super Bowl Blackout: How to Use Social Media During Prime Moments”, Feb 4, 2013.

Thanks to the use of the hashtags as well as links and messages, you can increase your visibility and your reach among your target audience.

How do You Develop Your Social Media Communications While Using Trending Topics?

To successfully use Trending Topics, it is important to avoid spam. Direct advertising should be done only if necessary since social media users are already bombarded by advertising messages. These advertising tweets are just counterproductive.

It is important to be careful how you present your content. A simple comment on a popular topic can be enough to start the conversation with users. A sporting goods retailer could congratulate the national team through Facebook or Twitter. This is an easy way to be part of the discussion and attract people to your account.

Companies who are able to integrate the trends and themes in their social media marketing are the ones that will increase reach and visibility. This is the secret of social media and will differentiate you from your competitors.

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